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What our customers are saying…

My kids are totally obsessed with playing this game…they absolutely love it.  I don’t know that we have ever had a toy that they all loved as much as they love this!  It’s a great game!

Erin B

Another great NYE with hours of fun with our horse racing game!! The kids and adults cannot get enough of it!!!

Amy H

Across the Board Games are pure and simple fun. They’re perfect for family events because of the easy-to-understand rules and they don’t require any assembly. I’d recommend Across the Board products to anyone looking for endless entertainment!

PJ (age 14)

Penny hockey is so much fun for the whole family or any hockey fan!  It’s super fast paced action just like real hockey and small enough to bring with me when I go on trips!

Noah (age 9)

Across the Board baseball and penny hockey are the go-to games at my house.  I love seeing my boys cheer, laugh, and wage friendly competition without a computer screen being involved.  Perfection!

Tina B

Our kids spend a lot of time playing video games, texting and watching TV, and it’s becoming harder and harder to find something that everyone likes to do….something that makes us “unplug” and just have fun being together.  But no one complains when we say it’s time to put down the cell phones, game controllers and TV remotes to play one of these games.  I highly recommend them for all ages!

Cindy M

The baseball and horserace games have been our family favorites for the past 3 years.  I like them so much I took them to college with me.  Totally fun!

Mark R.

“What a blast! Everybody came to Grandma’s for Christmas…Snow, fireplace, family…and baseball! It’s simple enough for the youngest of elves and you can inflict technical rules for the hard-core MLB addicts. It will be a family tradition. Thanks for the gift of fun!”

Mickey & Terri Olsen
Lake St. Louis, MO