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Married with two young children, Ryan and Kim McDaniel would sit on their patio late at night, sip cocktails and dream of starting their own business. Thanks to an after-dinner party at Ryan’s mom’s house, the vision started to take shape.

Combining Ryan’s construction background and interest in woodworking with Kim’s experience in marketing and business they began designing unique, wooden board games for family and friends. Fast forward several years and another child later, and what started as a hobby in their garage moved into their current office/warehouse space and their family’s livelihood.

Sadly, in May 2015, after a courageous battle with colon cancer, Ryan peacefully passed into God’s arms. He taught us all how to live. He taught us about hope, strength and true love.

Ryan, your fight is over and you won in every sense of the word. Enjoy the finish line.

Ryan remains the inspiration and driving force behind Across the Board. We are committed to Stay Strong and fulfill his dream.